Homeowners with hurricane damage are invited to contact Crisis Cleanup at 844-965-1386 to report the damage, so responders can help.

Here are current statistics. If there are reports in your county, you can register with Crisis Cleanup at to receive the data and mark the jobs complete. This is a solution to the old problem “We know there are damages, but where are they?”

We are here to help!

We know that many of you are preparing for the potentially damaging effects of Hurricane Dorian and we want you to know that we’re here to help. Our Client Services Coordinators are available to you for recovery assistance. If you or someone you know needs help, please call us at 252-571-2976.

Following a disaster getting immediate relief to impacted individuals is important. The next step is to connect survivors to recovery resources to help them rebuild and regain a “new normal”. For the long term recovery group, CCDRA needs to be ready to transition from relief to the recovery phase.

We need to know the communities hit the hardest and their needs. WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you are in a community that is hit hard, please forward the following information about your neighborhood to us at

1. Name
2. Address
3. Email & Phone
4. Community in which you live

If internet is not available, please call 252-571-2976!

Please keep in mind that Craven County Disaster Recovery Alliance is not an emergency response group but a Long Term Recovery group. We will not provide immediate, emergency help, but rather a resource for relief and recovery after the storm.

Airbnb Open Homes

Airbnb Launches Open Homes Program For Those Affected By Hurricane Dorian – – Airbnb has launched its Open Homes Program to help displaced residents and relief workers deployed to the southeast region impacted by Hurricane Dorian. The program recruits hosts who are willing and able to provide free housing to displaced residents, and disaster relief workers in the activation area.

Wednesday Update: Hurricane Dorian

Wednesday #ncwx update:
* Conditions will worsen later tonight into early Thursday as #HurricaneDorian moves northward along the coast.
* Rain and wind will begin across southeast NC overnight and continue through Friday. Impacts will occur well away from Dorian’s center.
* The threat of storm surge spans from Cape Lookout to Duck. Initial impacts will be along the ocean before the threat transitions to sound side areas as Dorian moves through.
* Heaviest rainfall is expected along and east of I-95 Thursday through Friday. A Flash Flood Watch is in effect for areas east of US-1 through Friday.
* Flooding/flash flooding impacts include the potential for road closures, rapid rises in small streams and creeks, and flooding in low-lying and prone areas.
* Tropical storm force winds are expected to begin early Thursday and increase through Friday morning. Hurricane force winds remain possible along the immediate coast Thursday night into Friday, though gusts could occur across eastern NC.
#DorianNC #ReadyNC

Actualización – Miércoles a #ncwx:
* Las condiciones empeorarán más tarde esta noche hasta la madrugada del jueves cuando #HurricaneDorian se mueva hacia el norte a lo largo de la costa.
* La lluvia y el viento comenzarán en el sureste de Carolina del Norte durante la noche y continuarán hasta el viernes. Los impactos ocurrirán muy lejos del centro de Dorian.
* La amenaza de tormenta se extiende desde Cape Lookout hasta Duck. Los impactos iniciales serán a lo largo del océano antes de que la amenaza pase.
* Se esperan lluvias más fuertes a lo largo y al este de la I-95 de jueves a viernes. Una alerta de inundación repentina está vigente para áreas al este de la US-1 hasta el viernes.
* Los impactos de inundaciones / inundaciones repentinas incluyen la posibilidad de cierres de carreteras, aumentos rápidos en pequeños arroyos y arroyos, e inundaciones en áreas bajas y propensas.
* Se espera que los vientos con fuerza de tormenta tropical comiencen el jueves temprano y aumenten hasta el viernes por la mañana. Los vientos huracanados siguen siendo posibles a lo largo de la costa inmediata desde el jueves por la noche hasta el viernes, aunque podrían ocurrir ráfagas en el este de Carolina del Norte.
#DorianNC #ReadyNC