CCDRA Workshop Presentations

Craven County Disaster Recovery Alliance’s Disaster Preparedness Workshop for Churches and Non-profits was held in Craven County on June 19, 2018.  Speakers included Stanley Kite, Craven County Emergency Services; Ann Huffman, NC VOAD; Ross Patterson, Salvation Army NC & SC; Phil Triplett, NC Emergency Management – ReadyNC; James Jarvis, American Red Cross of Eastern NC; Faye Stone, FEMA; Mary Ann Mehan, Craven County DSS; John Robinson, National Disaster Response Associate (Retired) and Sandra Phelps, United Way of Coastal Carolina & NC211.


Craven County Emergency Services – Stanley Kite, Fire Marshall
Craven EMS – Churches Non Profits Workshop 2018

NC VOAD – Ann Huffman, President & The Salvation Army NC & SC – Ross Patterson, Disaster Training Coordinator
Ready for Disaster – NC VOAD & Planning and Preparedness – Salvation Army

NC Emergency Management – Phil Triplett, American Red Cross of Eastern NC – James Jarvis, FEMA – Faye Stone & Craven County DSS – Mary Ann Mehan
ReadyNC Mobile App  –  –  Prepare for Disasters – Red Cross –  Special Needs Registry

National Disaster Response Associate – John Robinson, retired
The Disaster Cycle

United Way/NC 211 – Sandra Phelps, United Way of Coastal Carolina
NC 2-1-1 Presentation for Caller Population 2018