Face Masks for Craven 4/26/2020 Update

Weekly update as of 4/26/2020

It’s time to let you know how the week has gone.  After you read our weekly summary, please open the attached .pdf to see some info and pictures about agencies we have served– and volunteers who have helped.

Weekly Progress Report

  • In the month of April, nearly 1600 reusable face masks have been made and delivered across our community to 24 different community agencies in need.  We are continuing to follow up with agencies whose workers go to work every day and serve vulnerable populations.
  • We are continuing to track our volunteers; we think there have now been about 110 volunteers who have helped during April. Wow!
  • The distribution center at New Hope Village has reaaaaally helped us coordinate easily and effectively in our work. This center will be open this week as usual, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10:30-12:30 p.m.  Come and see!
  • Our supply chain is pretty stable now, except for that darn elastic.  We are still waiting on more elastic.
  • The need for help from local agencies is beginning to level off. We are beginning to wrap up the “crisis management” portion of this project—we think.
  • It looks like we still have some need for financial help.  (We have incurred expenses on some supplies that are still pending.). We hope to have a more complete financial report soon.  For those who want to support this project financially, you can do so by sending a check to CCDRA, att: United Way, 601 Broad St., NB, 28560, or Neuse Forest Presbyterian Church, att: Sharon DeCamp, 211 Highland Ave., NB 28562.  (Be sure to indicate “Face Masks for Craven” in the memo line.)

What’s Coming Next:

  • We anticipate supplying up to another 500 masks in the coming week.
  • Though we think we are wrapping up the crisis management phase, we anticipate continuing our work at a slower pace during the month of May.
  • Some volunteers are really tired, having worked endlessly for weeks.  We will need some new volunteers to lend a hand over the month of May.

Thanks to all for your wonderful spririt and dedication!  We will appreciate your help in sharing this update with others.


Helen Robinson