Volunteer Spotlight – Face Masks for Craven

FACE MASKS FOR CRAVEN, a project sponsored by CCDRA (Craven Co. Disaster Recovery Alliance) began organizing the first of April with an intention to help protect “community helpers” by providing reusable face masks with a high-quality filter.  After doing an initial needs assessment by phone, CCDRA volunteers decided to focus on workers in community agencies whose continuing service is vital for the wellbeing of the community.

Within less than three weeks, this group had produced and delivered 1000 reusable face masks throughout 20 agencies in Craven County!  This feat has been possible only with the tireless, flexible, good-humored, and collaborative effort of a team of volunteers that now numbers over 100 individuals.

In our ongoing updates, we will be featuring a variety of individuals who have come together to help protect and support our community.

Dan Frey is a valuable member of the Mask Team.  Dan shares that he was “drafted” by a friend at First Presbyterian Church and finds satisfaction in knowing that he is helping defeat the coronavirus in Craven County. Dan says he is amazed at how many new people he has gotten to know over the past three weeks!  Among the volunteers, Dan is well-regarded as a bender, stripper, cutter, driver, and host—a man of many talents!

Rhona Beadle is another versatile volunteer who cuts, irons, sews—and coordinates with a group of neighbors.   Rhona joined the volunteer effort early on; she believes it is essential to protect those in our community who are helping others.  It pleases Rhona to know all of us togetherare making a difference in this difficult time.  Rhona says she is struck by the amazing coordination of resources in this project!

Annick Smart is one of a group of “strippers” in the Greenbrier neighborhood.  These women are the heroes who have helped reduce the biggest bottleneck in production by “prepping” the strips or ties—thus reducing the work of those who sew masks!  After getting involved, Annick quickly enlisted two more friends.  Annick is really surprised by the need in our community for protection.  It means a lot to Annick to help those who put their lives in danger for all of us.