CCDRA (Craven County Disaster Recovery Alliance) is the recognized Long Term Recovery Team serving Craven County, NC, focused on helping our community recover following disaster. Our mission is accomplished by having affected individual and families work closely with a case manager to identify their unmet needs and to assist with obtaining the resources necessary to meet these needs following a disaster.

100% of individual donations will address long-term and unmet needs to help our neighbors and communities recover. Thank you for your generous donation!

Make a Financial Donation

Craven County Disaster Recovery Alliance
c/o United Way of Coastal Carolina
601 Broad Street, NC 28560
For more information, please send an email to:

Please consider donating today, whether it be financially, in kind or goods/materials, or by volunteering your time to assist those in need. Your support to the recovery efforts of the Craven County Long Term Recovery Group (CCDRA) is greatly appreciated.

Goods and Materials
After a disaster, there are sometimes people who have lost everything. Your donation of goods and materials are a vital resource during times of great need. Since each case has different needs, please contact a case manager at to arrange the donation.

Examples of goods and services that may be needed include; clean up supplies, lumber, cabinets, flooring, furniture, appliances, etc.

If your group, organization, business or church would like to adopt a family or individual in need please contact us for more information.

Join us in rebuilding homes, communities and lives.