Eligibility for Assistance

Anyone negatively impacted by a disaster, most recently Hurricane Florence, can reach out to our Disaster Case Managers to help navigate the Long Term Recovery process.

Moving forward and finding help after a disaster can feel overwhelming. Disaster Case Management can provide an individualized recovery plan so that you are directed to the type of help you most need.

Recovery services include:

  • gathering important documents to build the “case” for long term assistance
  • developing an understanding your household's pre-storm situation
  • assessing your household's current situation
  • helping you to identify a “new normal” for goals of post-disaster life

Your individual recovery plan will reflect your specific needs.

  • Identifying the best repair or rebuilding option
  • Evaluating your financial resources to be contributed to recovery
  • Determining other financial resources needed from other sources to repair and replace your home, furniture, appliances in a place that is safe, sanitary, and secure for the long term.
  • Determining access to services for people with disabilities or mental health needs

Do you need help?  Call today or email us.