Types of Assistance

CCDRA only provides assistance for damage or loss that is a result of a disaster affecting the Craven County area, and the range of services will be based on available resources.  CCDRA assists uninsured and under-insured survivors.  

Before assistance is even considered, the case must be determined as an appropriate Long Term Recovery Group (LTRG) referral by an approved Disaster Case Manager.  In most cases that means the following:

  • Disaster caused a serious, unmet need. It is something that the survivors cannot meet for themselves.
  • It may be loss of housing, household goods, or an injury.
  • It is NOT a pre-disaster condition.
  • It is not supposed to be an upgrade to the client’s living condition before the storm; however, this may happen in rebuilding in order to provide safe, secure, sanitary, and appropriate housing.
  • It will be confirmed by the survivor, verified by a disaster case manager, and agreed upon by CCDRA.