Mission & History


The Mission of the Craven County Disaster Recovery Alliance is to strengthen area wide disaster coordination through information sharing, simplifying the access to available resources for individuals and families, and jointly resolving cases with unmet needs from disasters.


The Craven County Disaster Recovery Alliance (CCDRA) - a long-term recovery group (LTRG) began meeting soon after Hurricane Matthew hit eastern NC in October 2016.  The LTRG was formed with the help of FEMA Volunteer Agency Liaisons and a coalition comprised of representatives from corporations, faith based organizations, community non-profits, governmental agencies, and concerned citizens in January 2017.

CCDRA's vision is to continue assisting those still affected from Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Florence with long-term recovery and unmet needs assistance and to be an ongoing resource for all future disasters that will happen again in Craven County.

In June 2018, the CCDRA team of volunteers is organizing a Disaster Preparedness Workshop for churches and non-profits.  This is the first step to help prepare our community for a disaster.  This website has been created to help the community be better prepared when a disaster happens and to better educate families, businesses, groups and those who are eventually affected by a disaster on what to do next.  Long-term recovery is a long process, sometimes 2+ years after the actual disaster, but if you know what to do before or immediately after a disaster the better off all those affected will be.

CCDRA will be working with organizations in our county to form a Community Organization Active in Disaster (COAD).  The Craven County COAD will consist of representatives from public, private and not-for-profit agencies whose goal will be to share information and resources that will help residents prepare for, respond to and recover from future disasters.