Home Recovery Resources


The first step in recovering from a disaster is to call your insurance company.  If your home, business or church has been damaged during a disaster, the first step to recovering is to talk with your insurance company.

  1. Tell your insurance company and file a claim. You must do this first before you file any other claim.
  2. If your insurance does not fully cover the loss of or damages to your home, you may file a claim with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), but only AFTER you've filed your homeowner's insurance claim.
  3. After filing with FEMA, and your loss is still greater, you may file with the Small Business Administration for a loan.

For more North Carolina Insurance Information, call toll free 855-408-1212. For information about the National Flood Insurance Program, call 888-379-9531.

TIPS to help you through the FEMA process.

Utility companies will work hard to restore the power, water and gas services.  Be patient and seek shelter if needed.  CLICK HERE for shelters.  Below are some tips provided by ReadyNC and others that will help once you return to your home, business or church.

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