Sponsor A Home

Damage immediately following a hurricane isn't always major for an individual, but even minor damage can turn into major damage over time. 

Ms. Mary's home suffered fairly minor damage following Hurricane Florence in September 2018. The winds caused a small leak in her flat roof. When she discovered the damage, she did her best to do all the right things to meet her own recovery. This included taking out a personal loan to pay a contractor to fix those leaks. 

When that contractor received her money to purchase supplies, he chose to leave without repairing the home. A few months later, CCDRA was notified of the situation and began working on her case. Upon review, we found that this elderly woman is as sweet, as humble, and as resilient as they come. She worked diligently to drag totes of water out of the house as the roof leak filled them, and tried her hardest to scrub mold to keep her house safe. Unfortunately, her efforts were not enough and she needs our help.

Ms Mary's damage started out as a "small leak" and has now resulted in the whole home being completely gutted due to mold and water damage taking over the entire home. Every personal item destroyed, every wall, every floor, and even the roof will need to be replaced.

Craven County Disaster Recovery Alliance and several of our partners are working to repair this client's home. With a project this large, it will take a whole community to get this sweet Craven County resident back in her home.

If you can help, please make a donation HERE. You can designate your donation to "Ms Mary's Home" in the Additional Comment section on our donation page. Every donation gets us one step closer to handing Ms. Mary the keys to her home back!